Stay cool when selecting a fridge for your new kitchen

Fridges come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own set of different features. As with purchasing all kitchen appliances, you have to consider your unique needs when choosing what refrigerator to buy. queen anne chocolate covered cherries Top-freezer? queen anne cordial cherries Bottom-freezer? Double-door? Built-in? Stand-alone? To navigate the sea of options, read on for our top tips for selecting the perfect cooling unit for your home.
smarties canada vanicream soap Decide what you need
Here are some basic things to consider before setting out to the store:

• A top-freezer fridge is a common, affordable choice. These refrigerators are get the job done effectively and saves you a few bucks. These units also boast wide shelves, but because of the freezer placement, most adults will have to bend down to reach goods in the refrigerator section.

• Choose a bottom-freezer fridge if you want easy accessibility to goods in the refrigerator section. Most homeowners tend to use the fridge compartment more than the freezer compartment anyway – so it’s a common choice in many households. These refrigerators come in both single and double-door configurations. drake's devil dogs

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